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'GNGWC 2011 Grand Final' Behind story

'Game&Game World Championship 2011' (GNGWC 2011), the festival of world's gamer, was held with?G-Star 2011 at BEXCO, BUSAN, from November from 10 to 13.

AVING global news arranged ?the pictures of the off stage's gamers,?come together from all over the country for Shot Online (OnNet), War Rock ?(Dream excution), Ace online ?(Masang soft), on the vivid spot.

Shot Online

The best manner prize!

Gamer Tim Ofitsch from Austria for Shot Online grand final - Taking picture is easy thanks to sensible Tim who poses for nice pictures.?Tim got to the final round , but he came third this time regrettably. But?He is crowned a famous gamer showing?patriotism to Austria?at the awards ceremony.

Jun-gyu Park came on as commentator?for Shot Online. He's jokes loosened?up the?tense atmosphere, and he showed ?fluent?description as actual user of shot online

We heard winning speech from 'Rinnai Tiger' who won the championship.
Rinnai Tiger, came to grand final from Korea final opened in Suwon as?runner-up, matched against?№1『萬』™ again, and he bears off the palm of victory.

War Rock

Realistic War Rock's game - Audiences were plunged into the game, so atmosphere was even silence.

Cyberforce Tema from German is keeping their eyes on.

Players of Korea, England, Japan, and German are standing beside Hyo-geun Kim center head. War-Rock was?a fiercely contested game like world game enjoyed from 40 countries in the world.

Winner 'Innovaelite' consists of one England player, three Canada players.

They met for the first time in ?'GNGWC 2011 Grand final' site. They became one team because they are made up their team with proficient players through on-line. They seize an opportunity of ?victory finally!

Ace Online

Other players are watching the play of '___PUCCA___' of Vietnam , is likely winner. ?'___PUCCA___' won the co-championship with ??'Ph0bi4' of?Portugal in this match in reality.

We had an interview with winner 'Ph0bi4' of?Portugal, but??'___PUCCA___' of Vietnam isn't good at English so we couldn't interview with him.
He showed excellent skill like a player came to grand final from region final.

___PUCCA___' of Vietnam's manager had a close look, and took pictures.
May be, he was the only gamer who came with manager.

Cheol-min Kim's natural and good speaking with wit made better events.

GNGWC 2011 ran as the largest scale that participates 54 players from 19 countries. Korean game has become more and more popular from many countries, foreign players, and others as holding it every year.

How many spectacle events will be in GNGWC !,?GNGWC of next year is already expected.

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