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Idamtec to introduce portable BOOM-BOX 'BOOM 2' with woofer speaker

Idamtec(representative?Sang-ho Park, www.idamtech.co.kr), mobile equipment company,?introduced portable?BOOM-BOX 'BOOM 2'?with woofer speaker, smart phone, alarm clock, FM radio, and MP3 player on November 16.

This product can check music folder, music, alarm and calendar with LCD monitor in front of product.

In addition, radio function auto scan, and channel saving are available using the latest digital micom, and the last channel is saving automatically, by doing this it improves convenience of user.

And it can appreciate sound of variety devices as connecting all audio source that use 3.5mm standard plug like PC, MP3 player, and smart phone by adopting AUX.

Besides, FM radio of clear sound is available with special speaker that power is increased with embedded battery charger. And Maximum Saving memory is 32GB by using memory stick, Micro SD card.

Si-gwang Oh,a?member of board of directors of?Idamtech said " We will overcome the recession of cell-phone devices by applying technique that is accumulated in embedded voice recorder, to speaker type portable devices including?'BOOM-BOX'."


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