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[VIP ASIA 2011] 'Samsung digital door lock SHS-6020' with convenience and safety

'Samsung digital door lock SHS-6020' of Samsung?affiliate Seoul Commtech(representative Jeong-muk Kim)?is awarded 'VIP ASIA 2011 Product of the Year' by AVING, a global news network.

Samsung digital door lock applied touch screen type at nation's first, so it has slim design but powerful durability and security, also, it awarded iF design prize, one of the world's top three design prize, and Red-dot design award.

Also, SHS-6020 adapted aluminum alloy for outside and high-glass metal materials for inside. Also. it offers user interface that shows operation process with classy LED.

And touch sensor type that appears number as backlight type when people touch the number pad. Safe knob function prevent trespass from outside, because if someone want to open the door, the Knob should be turned after pressing the button.

RF pack is installed as option and wireless remote control can operate door conveniently, also if it interlocks with home network product, it can be a kind of alarm that notice to security office.

This product has fire detector function and electricity shock prevention technology , and it achieved KPS and KS mark.?Also, T-Money card(transportation card) of Korea smart card, and Key tag are available to open a door.

AVING is organizing Global news network with 760 medias in 54 countries such as main portal, news media, blog and others. Also AVING holds 'VIP ASIA AWARD' every year by choosing 100 products which created great sensation and got buyers and news reporters attention with its innovative technology and great quality.


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