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'Rainbow', Purify the air of a room while Vacuum cleaning!

The core of an air purifying vacuum cleaner is Water filter or HEPA filter. Both of them can be equipped at once, or Just Water filter and normal filter can be equipped.

HEPA filter filters out 99.97% dust larger than 0.3 micron. These days, it's used to Robot vacuum cleaner, Bedding vacuum cleaner and others as well as normal vacuum cleaner for family use.

In case of Water filter, Water?including many sources of pollution and fine dust?revolves with high speed. And air and water are divided, and then purifying water will be emitted to outside.?This is a kind of auto-purification.

In particular, 'Rainbow' of Rexair supplied from Dream life Korea(www.dreamlifekorea.com) is equipped with Water and HEPA filter, also it has been being sell for 80 years. ?This products features a powerful air ?purifying function.

Rainbow can eliminate dust mite and harmful dust which inhabit varied cloth products such as a Carpet, a Sofa, a Bed, a Blanket and others with varied brushes. This product achieved certification by AAFA(American?Asthma and Allergy), and it's recognized as an air purifying vacuum cleaner by AHAM(Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers).

Above this, Ozone Releasing Degree is under 0.050 ppm, so they achieved ARB(Air Resources Board)?certification, and they passed official test(elimination function for dust and soil, pollution control function, restoration function) for vacuum cleaner of CRI(Carpet and Rug Institute).

It's simple to clean the water tank.?After vacuum cleaner, user just empties out dirty water and rinse a water tank.

(Picture: Water filter tank can be checked outside)

(Picture: Varied brushes can be chosen by usage)

(Picture: Dirty water in water tank, it filtered out many pollution sources)

(Picture: Fine dust and Dust mites which inhabit a sofa, a carpet, and others can be eliminated)

(Picture:?Fine dust and Dust mites that inhabit varied cloth can be eliminated)


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