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Samsung, nation's first 'Galaxy tab 8.9 LTE' with 4G LTE communications networks

Samsung released 'Galaxy tab 8.9 LTE' applying 4G LTE communications networks as?nation's first.

Galaxy tab 8.9 LTE ?is a Tablet PC applying?4G LTE as nation's first. It features super high speed wireless internet of fivefold speed compared to existed 3G Tablet PC.

In addition, it's based on Google Android, 3.2 'Honycomb', and equipped with 1.5 GHz dual core and 8.9 inch WXGA (1280×800) display. So?pleasant and powerful multimedia environment is provided with Full HD video and surround speaker.

Galaxy tab 8.9 LTE' is?very portable with 8.6mm super slim like pencil thickness and 465g super light weight like coffee regular size (473ml).

Besides, docking parts composed of accessories, supports special USB port with simple charge, so it can be used as normal PC on the desk.


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