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[VIP ASIA 2011] Magic Cara, 'Smart Cara' for waste-disposal unit

Food waste-disposal unit 'Smart Cara' of Magic Cara (www.magiccara.com)?is awarded?'VIP ASIA 2011 Product of the Year' by AVING, a global news network.

'Smart Cara' can reduce volume of food waste including chicken bones over 90% with high intensity crushing and drying construction recognized as patented formula.

Artificial intelligence system in Smart Cara can control disposal time depending on volume and kinds of food, so energy consumed unnecessarily can saved. Also, entrance of dry container is wide and it can be separated from main body, so washing and hygiene control is easy.

Also. it increases space efficiency with compact design as well as it reduces drying time with multiple dry method of?high temperature drying and?air circulation drying.

AVING is organizing Global news network with 760 medias in 54 countries such as main portal, news media, blog and others. Also AVING holds 'VIP ASIA AWARD' every year by choosing 100 products which created great sensation and got buyers and news reporters?attention with its innovative technology and great quality.


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