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[VIP ASIA 2011] WINIX, Air washer 'WB-107R'

Air washer 'WB-107R' of WINIX(representative?Huijong Youn,?www.winixcorp.com)?is awarded 'VIP ASIA 2011 Product of the Year' prize by AVING, a global news network.

Polluted indoor air inhaled into machine and then it sterilized through filter and water, and clean air is spread to interior again to remain suitable humidity. And bright purple color's varied operation information is expressed to front display.

Winix 'WB-107R' is water tank type that has less riskiness of?bacterial contamination, and easy to wash, also once a week is enough to wash.

Sterilizing disk is used to purify of air. Inhaled-Air will be ?absorbed to sterilizing disk to prevent germ breeding.

Purified water is cleaned as second, and both of two purify processes run without a germicide.

AVING is organizing Global news network with 760 medias in 54 countries such as main portal, news media, blog and others. Also AVING holds 'VIP ASIA AWARD' every year by choosing 100 products which created great sensation and got buyers and news reporters?attention with its innovative technology and great quality.

(Picture: Inhalation part)

(Picture: Water tank can be separated)

(Picture: Emitting part of Air)

(Picture: Sterilizing Disk can be separated)


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