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IU wears a cocktail dress for Youre the Best Lee Soon Shin
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singer and actress iu showed off her beauty in a cocktail dress for kbs 2tvs youre the best lee soon shin.

iu, who is currently playing the reckless lee soon shin, has been showing modest casual look.

however, she has turned into a pretty actress with bright violet-colored cocktail dress and refined hair-up style. she attracted attention with her perfectly portioned figure.

despite the cold weather, iu enjoyed shooting and said, "im so happy to show the viewers the pretty look of lee soon shin."

in the last episode, soon shin refused the opportunity to become an actress offered by joon ho (played by jo jung-suk) because she thought it was fraud. therefore soon shins sudden transformation is raising the viewers curiosity.

a representative from the production company a story stated, "joon ho will be starting his project, star-making of lee soon shin, starting this week. their conflicts will be very interesting. please look forward to it."

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