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[KOSIGN 2011] Inkchem tech to exhibit UV printer 'JETRIX 2513FRQ' with powerful durability

Inkchem tech?(www.inkchem.com)?exhibits UV printer 'JETRIX 2513FRQ' with powerful durabilityparticipating in 'The 19th Korea International Sign & Design Show (KOSIGN 2011),' held at COEX, SEOUL, from November 17 to 20.

JETRIX 2513FRQ is a industrial UV printer equipped with Spectra head of powerful durability. Printing is available to varied materials under 100mm thickness ?like glass, tree, steel etc.

Installation and organization of inside are simple, and of there is a obstacle higher than guide bar, it stops the printing and protects printer head automatically.

Inkchem thech ?imparted information to people concerning?JETRIX UV printer of 2030FRK.?JETRIX 2030FRK is the latest UV printer that can print up ?to?55spm/hr with 2048 nozzles.

The KOSIGN exhibition of this year offers the opportunity that can catch a glimpse of the present and future in sign industry by being hosted the LED/OLED, Application technology industry, Digital signage and Kiosk industry exhibition at one time.

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