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[KOSIGN 2011 Interview] Meet 'Be Majestic' D.gen's president Kil-hun Lee

' We've never considered as a second company, we've always Number one for 33years, since 1978 established. I can't stand the second.' said?Kil-hun Lee, the president of D.gen, a world's leading company in digital printing industry.

(Picture: D.gen, ?Kil-hun Lee president)

D.gen have directdigital printing technology which can print on?tile, glass, metal, acrylic, wood, aluminum, leather and others regardless materials as well as fibers.

AVINGNEWS, reporting main companies and product news as official media partner of?'KOSIGN 2011', had an interview with Kil-hun Lee,?president in D.gen concerning management philosophy.

Q. D.gen is evaluated as a major company in domestic digital textile printing industry. Please, briefly introduce your company.

You'd better change your question, we are the leading company in the 'World', not just 'Korea'. D.gen has called as 'Original'.

I'm one of the people who tries printing with digital ink from1992, started digital textile printing industry. I'm confident that our technical skill is one of the world's TOP5.

D.gen, established in 1978, boasts of 33years history. D.gen has contributed in each industry's digitalization by starting consulting business of F.A (Factory automation), Design automation (CAD/CAM)?etc. With F.A, people could make 1,000 products per day, not 10 products, and they could make a product as just 10won(KRW), not 100won(KRW).

And we change our business way from 1998, to?'Visual Communication'. ?'Visual Communication' means all communication through eyes such as beautiful make up of woman, Typing text on ?clothes, Carving text on ?hats, and all things like these.

So, we are concentrating to develope industrial digital printing machine which is available to many kinds small production without pollution, It will be substituted for original silk screen that generats pollution.

(Picture: 3.3 double width digital printer?Teleios Grande(model name: d.gen 3333TX) for soft signage)

Q. What is your main product to show in this exhibition?

In this exhibition, D.gen introduces?'New Hi-Fi JET' the new model of Hi-Fi JET PROII that is the best actual image printer, Hybrid UV printer 'LEJ-640' using eco-friendly UV lamp, 'LEF-12' for many kinds small production by printing on varied materials, 3.3 m double digital printer Teleios Grand (model name: d.gen 3333TX) for digital signage, and other new products.

In particular, 3.3m double digital printer?Teleios Grande(model name: d.gen 3333TX) using D.gen's opriginal printing engine shows high productivity of 180㎡/h(2pass standard) with?state-of-the art Ricoh GEN4L printer head, 1152 Nozzles per each color (basic 4 color, option 6 color).

In addition, they use a variety of application that can be used to?Disperse dye ink or Textile pigment ink, so it can be used to textile manufacture as well as ?Soft-Signage.

Q. Many printer manufacturer recently give their attention to develope new profit models in saturation market. What do think about textile printing industry situation present, and in which direction do we step forward to?

I don't think actual image printing is a saturation market. This industry is 'On-Demand' market which produces made-to-order products. Think about is, each company and shop have different names and products, in case of first birthday party, babies have different name and different birthday date.

The problem is outdoor advertising market based on solvent equipment. D.gen's?environment friendly water based ink that can print on stone, wood, metal, tile, acrlyic and others by substitution solvent ink, ?isn't even started yet.

Textile printing technolony is to give labor-intensive?textile industry wings. With this technology people can design all patterns which can be imaginnable.

(Picture: A printing product on stainless using D.gen's water based ink)

Q. Here are many other digital printer companies in KOSIGN 2011, tell me what is your?competitiveness ?

All Digital tectil printer is not same printer. There are many textile printer! But almost textile printer in domestic market is just for banners.

As i said, the companies which can produce equippment that can print on all materials using?water based ink, are just around 10.

Q. You recorded the excellent results that installs 1,0000 equippment in 40 countries like ?Italy, German etc. ?We can also see many buyers in your booth, how is your overseas exportation, and what is your vision about overseas market?

We concentrated to export to West Europe like Italy, German etc., but we are actually struggling with exportaion because of?Europe financial crisis. So we will focus on domestic market for a while. Now, it's time to show what is real digital printing technology in Korea (laugh).

Q. May you've ever experienced rocky time, when is it, and how did you overcome?

IMF in 1998, Financial crisis, 2008 were the most hardest time for us. But we should overcome it to remain our business, and we just work hard. especially, many?staff members help company together. I owe them. I really appreciate them always.

Q. Finally, What is your?management philosophy and vision?

'Kil Hun(吉憲)', if you want to be?(吉), you should be?(憲). My father give my name and this is my life?philosoph itself. I never be?wishy-washy about wrong thing. So now D.gen contents for victory with price, technology and quality.

We've never considered as second for 33years. We always Number one.

We'd like to be a number one company in world's market ?with better technology than others.

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