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Samwha Electric To Expand Its R&D and Global Marketing for Electric Double Layer Capacitor ‘Green-Cap’
Samwha Electric Co., Ltd. (KRX:009470), a specialty manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors, is expanding its marketing and R&D for the Electric Double Layer Capacitor ‘Green-Cap’, the next-generation energy storage device to meet growing market needs.

EDLC, which stands for Electrical Double Layer Capacitor, is a high-capacity supercapacitor that uses activated carbons as materials for electrodes. It is the next-generation energy storage device with an excellent cycle life.

The charge/discharge cycle of Green-Cap is semi-permanent, eliminating the need for maintenance. Due to its high-current rapid charge/discharge feature, it also can be easily adopted in the renewable energy field.

Green-Cap has many advantages, including its protection against extream temperatures from -40 to 85℃, use of renewable materials, and relatively lower performance degradation than secondary cells in low temperatures.

Green-Cap can be utilized in the following sectors.

· Transportation
- Auxiliary power for the regenerative braking of railroads
- Peak power compensation for heavy machinery

· Automotive
- Output load compensation for FCEV
- Auxiliary power for the regenerative braking of HEV

· New & Renewable Energy
- Emergency power for wind power generation
- Energy storage for solar power generation system
- Output load compensation for fuel cell batteries

· Power Solutions
- Instantaneous power compensation of precise devices
- Fast operation of office automation machines

· Military and aerospace devices
- Highly reliable power for military and aerospace fields

Due to its extensive use cases spanning from 5G, electric vehicles, medical equipment, LED, Robotics, IoT to ESS, the demand for Green-Cap is growing.

“We maintain the high product quality with a three-step management system and use real-time data management systems such as ERP and MES to make manufacturing procedure efficiently and meet customer demands around the world,” said an official from Samwha Electric.

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