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Singapore NETS Senior Management, Mr. Alvin Seck Visits Japan for Promoting Business Development with NIPPON Platform
“Making Japan into cashless society” is the motto for NIPPON Platform Co., Ltd. which provides various cashless solutions (Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Jun TAKAGI). NIPPON Platform is promoting Singaporean tourists’ payment with Mr. Alvin Seck Weng Kin who is Head of Merchant Services and Solutions for NETS.

1. Background

NIPPON Platform has partnered with Singaporean company “NETS” to enable NETS QR code payment in Japan in December 2018.
Consumers can use their NETS Pay, DBS PayLah!, OCBC Pay Anyone or UOB Mighty mobile apps to scan the NETS QR code displayed on our tablets to make payment. Consequently, NIPPON Tablet which is 100% subsidiary of NIPPON Platform providing free tablet rental to medium and small companies launched NETS Pay at distributed tablets from December 12, 2018. At this point, NETS QR is only available at NIPPON Tablet’s tablets in Japan.
Hokkaido is Singaporeans’ favorite destination, therefore Mr. Alvin Seck visited Sapporo Snow Festival to meet local important personae and is planning to make a presentation in Tokyo to promote NETS in Japan.

2. Hokkaido courtesy call summary

Mr. Alvin Seck made courtesy calls on Hokkaido business important personae on February 8.
Following is the schedule of this visit.

10:15 - Courtesy call on Vice Mayor of Sapporo, Mr. Takatoshi Machida
11:00 - Courtesy call and interview on Managing Director, Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Mr. Tetsuya Matsumoto
12:30 - Visit NIPPON Platform snow festival exhibition booth, and presenting NETS payment
14:00 - Courtesy call on President of Sapporo Tourism Association, Mr. Ryo Shibata
16:30 - Courtesy call on General Manager, Sales Department, The Hokkaido Shimbun Press, Mr. Takashi Takegahara

3. Invitation for the fifth seminar hosted by Japan Cashless Association

The fifth seminar will be held on February 12, 2019.
We invite Mr. Alvin Seck who is Head of Merchant Services and Solutions for NETS.
On a panel discussion, Mr. Takagi will act as moderator to ask Mr. Alvin Seck and Mr. Takeshi Inoue who is Chief of Policy Implementation Department, Obihiro City, Tokyo Office. We will introduce Obihiro city local government initiatives to welcome south Asian tourists. Participation is free.

[The fifth seminar hosted by Japan Cashless Association: Summary]

Date: February 12, 2019 (Tuesday)
13:00 Reception start
13:30 Seminar start
13:45 NETS Mr. Alvin Seck presentation
15:00 Japan Cashless Association Managing Director Mr. Jun Takagi presentation
15:30 Panel discussion
16:00 Finish seminar, Q&A session
16:15 Finish

TKP Tokyo Station Central Conference Center
Shinmakicho building 10F, Yaesu 1-8-16, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Details on the following link

4. Future developments

Singapore population is a small country with 5,837,325 citizens; however, it functions as a gateway to South Asia in 10 countries of 647.39 million ASEAN member countries. In order to cover this rapidly growing South Asian countries, Singapore market cannot be ignored. It is very important for Nippon Platform to have acquired the contract of NETS Pay which is indispensable for Singaporean daily life. First, start from attracting tourism in Hokkaido by promoting the use of NETS Pay in Japan, we will increase tourism expenditure of Singaporean tourists in Japan. This leads revitalization of Japanese local areas and shopping districts centering on small and medium-sized personal shops in Japan. Second, we support Japanese companies to enter Singapore and cashless settlement locally, for leading economic development in both Japan and Singapore.

5. Mr. Alvin Seck biography

Alvin Seck is 47 years old born in Singapore on July 12, 1971.
Mr. Seck graduated with an honors degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Glasgow (UK) and pursued a post graduate program and was conferred Masters in Business Management (MBM) with Distinction by Strathclyde Graduate Business School (UK).
He serves as Head of Merchant Services and Solutions for NETS, and provides leadership to manage a growing merchant/customer base of 40,000 and more than 104,000 acceptance points. He manages more than $18 billion per annum merchants transactional volume in Singapore.

NIPPON Platform Co., Ltd.

Head office: 2-14-5-3F Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan

HP: https://nippon-platform.co.jp/en/

Representative Directors:
Executive chairman and Overseas operation CEO Jun Takagi
Executive president and Domestic operation CEO Shinsuke Hishiki

Date founded: October 2016

Capital: 502,487,400 JPY (Including capital reserves)
Business Activities: Smart payment platform services, shop encourage service

Adviser: Koiti HASIDA (PLR*1 technical adviser)
(Professor at the University of Tokyo)
*1: It is one of PDS (Personal Data Store). (PLR: Personal Life Repository).

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