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[VIP ASIA 2011] Easy move, 'I-Chair Pro' wheel chair as well as pram

Wheel chair pram for a handicapped child of Easy Move(representative Do-Yeong Oh,?www.easymove.co.kr) is awarded?'VIP ASIA 2011 Product of the Year' by AVING, a global news network.

'I-Chair Pro' is a pram as well as a wheel chair equipped with supporting belt, head prop, slop control etc., so it's easy to go for parents or guardians also, correct sitting posture can be remained for a long time.

Seat and foothold can be controlled from?80° to 170° of slope, so a handicapped child's muscle tension can be mitigated also Posture change is easy. In addition, length of seat and height of foothold can be adjusted as individual physical development, and there is a detachable head cushion.

Meanwhile, Easy Move is a self-reliance social enterprise established by Hyundai motor group and many official corporations, they are developing and producing in the country varied?mobility assisting?devices?for handicapped people.

AVING is organizing Global news network with 760 medias in 54 countries such as main portal, news media, blog and others. Also AVING holds 'VIP ASIA AWARD' every year by choosing 100 products which created great sensation and got buyers and news reporters?attention with its innovative technology and great quality.


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