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[VIP ASIA2011] Acer, Super Slim Acer Ultra Book 'Aspire S3'

Super slim 'Aspire S3' of Acer, global company(www.acer.co.kr)?is awarded 'VIP ASIA 2011 Product of the Year' prize by AVING, a global news network.

It has minimum thickness of 13.1 mm and maximum of 17.5 mm, also it takes time to reboot just 1.5 seconds on Sleep mode, and 6 seconds on Deep sleep mode by Acer Green Instant-On function. With?Acer Instant-On function, 2.6 seconds is enough to connect wireless internet.

In particular, Battery is remained up to 50 days on standby mode without recharging. Also, it maximized durability and portability with 1.35kg's light and strong aluminum and magnesium alloy.

An Intel HD graphics 3000 graphic card and a 13.3 inch LED back light LCD screen, an 4GB onboard ?type DDR3 memory are offered. Especially, SSD and Hard disk Dual storage provides enough storage as well as speed boating.

AVING is organizing Global news network with 760 medias in 54 countries such as main portal, news media, blog and others. Also AVING holds 'VIP ASIA AWARD' every year by choosing 100 products which created great sensation and got buyers and news reporters?attention with its innovative technology and great quality.


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