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Lee Seung Gis first stills for Gu Family Book revealed
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mbcs upcoming mon-tue drama goo family book revealed first stills of lee seung gi filming at the set of the drama.

lee seung gi plays choi kang chi, a half-man and half-beast with a rough personality, in his first historical drama gu family book, which will take over from horse doctor and begin airing in april.

in the photos revealed on march 18, lee is showing off his cheerful and romantic charm. he is perfectly transformed into choi kang chi with his tied hairstyle and hanbok.

after his first day of filming, he said, "its an honor to work with writer kang eun kyung and producer shin woo chul. the other actors im working with and the energy from the set are so great. its my first time joining a historical drama, so im working very hard to prepare. i would like to complete this drama that doesnt fail everyones expectations."

meanwhile, gu family book is a martial arts drama about choi kang chi, who was born as a half-man and half-beast and struggles to become a human.

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