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[Hot Item for Winter] 'Condensation prevention film' for bathroom mirror

Sehwa p&C (representative?Ja-beom Ku,?www.shehwa.co.kr), famous film company having?tradition of 30 years, introduces Winter hot item ?'Condensation prevention film' .

DF?Condensation prevention film features long-lasting effect with once attachment, different from existed spray type products.

In addition, it's used to varied fields such as?car glass, bathroom mirror?as well as?respirator,?gas mask, water glasses, goggles, dental treatment, endoscope, semiconductor equipment,?camera, architectural glass, interior, and even outdoor display device.

Sehwa p&C said " Safe driving and?pleasant use of bathroom are?available with?Condensation prevention film, it's useful especially when the weather turned cold like these days."

Meanwhile, Promising company Sehwa P&C released other special films including?smartphone privacy film, and they export those to varied countries like German, Japan, America, France and others.


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