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Incheon Airport Terminal 1 Holds Classical Music Class Concert in September for Passengers’ Relaxation

Incheon International Airport provides a rich array of entertainment, the crown jewel of which is a series of colorful cultural and art performances.

September Classical Music Class Concert welcomes the fall season to mitigate the rushed feeling of the airport by bringing comfort to the travel experience.

The September concert is brought with sub-titles such as ‘Dancing Classical Music,’ ‘Baroque Classical Music,’ ‘Singing Classical Music,’ and ‘Salon Classical Music’ that show fresh perspectives about the musical genre.

‘Dancing Classical Music’ concert will tell the story of classical ballet and accompanying music and commentary from professionals. The elegant performances will be brought to the passengers on a daily basis.

‘Baroque Classical Music’ concert will feature the baroque ensemble Confrerie Musica, a group that uses period instruments to interpret early classical pieces in a contemporary light. The ensemble will recall baroque-era musical instruments such as viola da gamba and harpsichord for the contemporary audience at Incheon Airport to lead them into the world of the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century European music.

‘Singing Classical Music’ concert will be performed by the violinist Jeong Da-un, pianist Jin Maria, and other skilled musicians. The sopranos and the tenors will accompany to inspire the audience at the airport.
‘Salon Classical Music’ concert will bring soundtracks to renowned movies and operas. With an informative commentary, the audience will be able to experience the entertainment and depth of the classical music genre.

Added to the series of classical concerts is the Chuseok Cultural Festival for the Korean traditional holiday. From September 10 to 12, airport visitors including foreign travelers will be able to learn more about Korea’s traditional seasonal customs.

Chuseok Cultural Festival will feature master artisans who are designated as intangible cultural assets and young traditional performers.

A global travel hub, Incheon International Airport is always busy with traveling passengers. Approximately 1,100 flights and 200,000 passengers go through the airport every day to and from 192 cities around the world. In response to the increased number of visitors, Incheon International Airport provides its visitors with various cultural and art performances every season.

For details about these events, please visit Culture-port website (www.cultureport.kr) or call the culture and art office for Incheon Airport Terminal 1 (+82-32-741-2247).

언론연락처: Incheon International Airport Awesome comm Yujin Lee +82-2-547-5707

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