A Love Withered Before Spring… Karina and Lee Jae-wook Break Up

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(MHNSports Reporter Sun Shin) Aespa's Karina and Lee Jae-wook have ultimately parted ways.

On April 2nd, Lee Jae-wook's agency, C-JeS Studio, and Karina's agency, SM Entertainment, acknowledged that the two had broken up.

C-JeS Studio announced, "Lee Jae-wook decided to break up with Karina to focus on the he is currently filming, and the two have remained as colleagues who support and encourage each other."

Furthermore, SM Entertainment conveyed a brief position, stating, "The breakup is true."

The breakup comes just five weeks after the two confirmed their relationship on February 27th.

Previously, the two were known to have developed into lovers after attending a fashion show in Milan, which served as the opportunity.

Both agencies also stated, "The two are getting to know each other," thus officially confirming their relationship.

Especially, Lee Jae-wook had revealed even before Karina’s debut that his ideal type was someone with a tall stature and distinct facial features, which matches Karina perfectly.

However, the couple had to endure painful aftermaths of publicly announcing their relationship. Lee Jae-wook suffered from malicious comments, criticism, and ridicule through online communities and SNS, and even fake rumors, causing him distress.

Karina's damage was no less significant. Some fans opposing Karina's romance sent trucks to the SM Entertainment building to protest. The slogans on the truck included strong phrases like "Why did you decide to betray fans" and "If you don't apologize, you will see album sales drop and concert seats empty."

Moreover, posts certifying the cancellation of Bubble, a paid fan communication service platform, also appeared on online communities.

Eventually, unable to endure the hate from netizens, Karina released a handwritten apology through SNS a week after her relationship announcement.

At the time, Karina said, "First, I am sorry for surprising you a lot and I know that My (fandom name) were very surprised, so I was cautious and delayed. I fully understand how much My might have been disappointed, and how they are sad thinking about the stories we've shared. I feel even sorrier because I understand that feeling too well."

Karina continued, "I wrote this letter hoping that my feelings would be conveyed a little. The reason I'm writing this despite worrying it might cause more pain to my fans is because I wanted to sincerely apologize to the fans who have given me the warmest winter since my debut. You have always been sincere to me and still are really precious to each and every one."

Finally, Karina added, "Although this letter may be short to express all my feelings, thank you for reading it, and I hope you watch over me as I strive to show a more mature and diligent side so as not to disappoint My in the future."

Despite having dated without any particular controversy, Karina and Lee Jae-wook’s romance withered even before the cherry blossoms bloomed.

Photo=ⓒ MHN Sports DB, SNS capture, Karina’s official SNS

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