Unique Good Company, leading the interactive content market, Received the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Award

[ 한국미디어뉴스통신 ] / 기사승인 : 2022-11-29 10:50:49 기사원문
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[한국미디어뉴스통신 서재탁 기자] Unique Good Company, which produces interactive content, recently received the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Award in recognition of its contribution to the development of Korean tourism.

Unique Good Company, run by co-CEOs InHyuk Song and Eunyoung Lee, is providing the largest smart tourism content in Korea.

The company is developing and operating 'Real World', an augmented reality metaverse platform based on creators that grafted the latest digital technology amid the downturn of the tourism industry after COVID-19.

Real World currently has more than 3,300 creators and is operating more than 4,000 smart tourism content enjoyed in more than 200 regions in Korea and major regions in one overseas country.

This year, Unique Good Company is accelerating its entry into overseas markets with aggressive marketing, as it has received a great response from many investors such as Hyundai Motor Company and Hite Jinro.

Real World is an augmented reality game platform in which users select and play content developed by creators, and utilizes interactive storytelling and augmented reality (AR) in which the story in the game changes according to the user's choice. Through these technologies, users can project hidden things in a specific space, find a way through a location-based system (GPS), have a conversation with NPC characters through a chatbot system, and combine the latest immersive technologies such as QR, NFC, and the Internet of Things.

Moreover, Real World allows everyone to create their own games. Unique Good Company has been continuously conducting contests and events so that users can create an ecosystem of creators by developing their own authoring solutions and management tools that easily create and distribute Real World content even if they do not have separate programming knowledge.

Song co-CEO of Unique Good Company, said, "The global content market is rapidly changing from supplier-centered to creator-centered, and the world tourism market of 1.4 billion people, which is far short of supply, is also the same.“

Song said, "The global content market is rapidly changing from provider-centric to creator-centric, and this is also true of the global tourism market with 1.4 billion people in short supply."

"This award is an evaluation of a creator solution and platform that can easily create and distribute the experience itself, and we will further contribute to innovation in the global tourism market by hiring global tourism creators."

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